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With over 29 years of tattoo experience, we pride ourselves in providing professional, clean, custom tattoos and body piercings.  From a small, elegant design to a full Japanese style bodysuit, we can work from your ideas, existing pieces, references or design something exclusively for you.

    We use only the highest standards in sterilization: hospital autoclave sterilization and practices. All of our artists are state licensed, your health is held in the highest regard and will never be compromised as we take this aspect of tattooing and piercing most seriously.

    So if you're going to be in the Matthews area please feel free to come by and check us out!

Welcome to NACHO TATTOO!


Monday: 12pm-7pm

Tuesday: CLOSED

Wednesday: 12pm-7pm

Thursday: 12pm-7pm

Friday: 12pm-7pm

Saturday: 12pm-5pm

Sunday: Appointment only

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